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Whether it's a business, an event, a product or an idea we specialize in bringing it to life and to the desired target market.  Your message is our playground.  We work with you to combine your vision with a message that will effectively reach and motivate your target audience.


Over the years we have been blessed and have had opportunities to work on some real great projects with some excellent people and companies. Our goal has always been to do our best work for each and every client we work with and create results that effectively reach goals.

We have worked with start ups to multi million dollar companies. The message and results are our focus. We welcome the small project or idea and don't shy away from taking on building very large brands.


If you're looking for a senior portrait, writing a book, starting a new company, rebranding a company or product or have any idea at all we're always game to take on a new venture. 

We are proud to announce a new in-house video production offering.  In today's world video is a front line tool to reach and motivate.  Justin How will be leading this offering.  Take a look at this 2020 highlight video.  From capturing life events to send a "Best Message" video is a very powerful tool when executed correctly.

Contact us with any questions you may have about how we could put our skill sets to work for you.

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You have to start somewhere. A great idea without a plan doesn't have much of a chance. Planning is key to success for just about anything. 

That said, the goal is to come up with a well planned idea(s). Whether you're working on design, promotion, or overall strategy, it is worth the time and effort it takes to come up with and test different ideas.  This will create faster results and revenue.  Planning is key to building a business or growing an idea quickly. 

We can help.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although that is true, there are certainly principles to good design.  Our goal is to create unique, effective, motivating design using these principles. 

Good design will capture curiosity, stir emotion and provoke a response. It will also make you look good.

Design crosses all mediums and they should all be considered during the design process.  We do that.

Let us help make you look good!



We may have an idea of what it means to promote. Promotion comes in so many different packages.  It can look like one of the oversized postcards you get in the mail. It can be an impression on an oversized board on the side of a street or highway.  You're message can be transported all over the place on a shirt or hat.

You are bombarded every day by thousands of images and messages from all around you.  From the napkin at a restaurant to social media to traditional media.  It shows up on the screen while you're listening to your favorite music. 

There are countless ways to "Promote". Were here to help you promote.



Look around. Observe a t-shirt. Look around your house, in your pantry or fridge.  Look on your counter tops. Look outside and down the street and around the corner.  There is printing everywhere.  Some of it you notice and some you don't but most of it makes some kind of impact on you.


We specialize in PRINT. If it can be printed we have probably done it. From business cards to specialty products to vehicle wraps we can help.  Even if you just have a question get a hold of us and we can give you advice.



17550 200th Street - Audubon, MN 56511  Tel: 701-866-4661

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